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Hi, I’m Leslie K. Morris. I help amazing people make more money and have freedom in life.

No matter your age, gender, skin tone or ethnicity, Rodan + Fields® products can help you to achieve healthier, younger-looking skin. As an R+F Independent Consultant, I love that I am able to help people live better in their skin and become more empowered in their lives. When my Customers ask me how they can achieve clearer, more radiant-looking skin, I tell them that the R+F secret to great-looking skin is Multi-Med Therapy®, using the right ingredients in the right formulations and applying them in the right order. From their cleansers to their sunscreens, all R+F products are specially formulated to complement each other. I have seen with my own eyes the powerful effects of these products. And I always look forward to seeing and celebrating their results.

Join our community of entrepreneurs and experience healthier, younger-looking skin, connections with great people, opportunities for personal growth and your own business in the skincare industry. At Rodan + Fields®, success comes from creating meaningful connections. We are an enthusiastic group of entrepreneurial individuals who all share a love for the R+F life. To start your Rodan + Fields journey as an Independent Consultant, click here.

Morris Media & Management offers a portfolio of professional services to meet a variety of needs in special projects inside and outside the home or office. These include promotion, advertising, publicity, special events, sales and service, and building coalitions to get the job done. Our services focus on communications and management strategies and tasks to achieve specific objectives. The variety of business categories in which we have been involved over the past 30 years, include retail selling, advertising client and production services, landscaping and interior design, accounting practice and para-legal services, special events marketing and management, and network marketing.

I am a lifelong resident of Arkansas, who has lived in Little Rock for over 30 years. My professional experience for the past 27 years has been in the marketing communications business, and providing client services to a wide variety of individuals and businesses, including developing the brands of Chenal Valley, Chenal Downs, and Red Oak Ridge (Hot Springs). As a residential realtor for Chenal Properties, Inc. my focus is on selling new construction in neighborhoods of Wildwood Place and Chenal Valley. To find your home in Wildwood Place, visit this link. Homes in Chenal Valley can be found by visiting their website.

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