About Leslie

Hi, I’m Leslie K. Morris. And I’m a direct sales consultant.
I help amazing people make more money & have freedom in life.

My name is Leslie Morris.  I have over 27 years’ experience in communications coordination services, including advertising, public relations, media relations, customer relations, promotion, direct marketing and special events.


27 Years of Experience in Advertising, PR, Media, Direct Marketing, and Sales


My most recent venture is allowing me to follow my entrepreneurial spirit as I embark on the social commerce scene.  For years, I had wanted to own my own business but could not get passed the overhead involved with a brick and mortar operation.  At a time when online shopping was ever increasing, I was introduced to an opportunity to partner with two world-renowned doctors who created Proactiv® Solution.  I learned I could build this business part-time and that the additional income to my full-time wages would be life changing.
Today, having said “yes” to this business has not only provided me additional income, but it launched me on a journey through some of the toughest paths of self-discovery and personal growth.

Heard Enough? Ready to make big things happen?